Do I need to clean and box all of the items?

No need to organize for us!
Once we have contracted with you, our team will begin the process. We sort, wash, tag, price, and display each and every item in your home. No job is too big or too small for US!

How Do I know what has value?

We offer a professional analysis of everyday items, as well as rare and unusual items. We may find something in your home that requires further investigation of its value.
We have the knowledge and resources to get the most accurate current resale value for your items. If by chance there is an item that we wish to seek a second opinion for, we will contact one of our many regional dealers and or experts that specialize in many areas.
Additionally, our team Is equipped with the tools needed to research on site.

How will my sale be conducted?

Treasure Chicks Vintage provides an in-home sale for one or more days (depending on the size of your sale). Our team of experts ensures professional advertising and a guarantee to get the buyers to your sale! At sale end, some items will remain. We will work with you to determine where you want items to be located.
We can recommend many local charities who are happy to pick up most donations, in some cases we do box up and drop off items at various suitable charities. Finally…we offer you and your loved confidence, satisfaction, and the ability to move forward to open a new chapter.

Will my items be discounted at any time?

All Items are priced according to extensive research and opinion of our staff to find fair the market value for the day and place of sale.

Items are priced based on current local salestrends and on our extensive experience in the estate resale business.. Items that do not sell during our first phase of a “full price" offering of the item/s will be offered at a discounted price on the proceeding day/s.Some items however, may not be subiect to these reductions. Tiers of reductions shall be discussed at agreement of services. We will consult with you prior sale for on how you would like price reductions to progress.

When do I get paid for the sale of the items?

All accounts are settled within 1 week of completion of the sale of your items. You will be assigned a client id number and password that will enable you to log in to our website and check your balance as items are sold. Your account is updated every 48-72 hours. Our sale fees are deducted from the totals. Additional fees will be disclosed and deducted from sales.

What auctions do you use?

We will utilize our own Treasure Chicks Vintage website or choose one of other different venues to quickly and efficiently auction your items.

What about items that do not sell?

Although the majority of your content will be sold during a sale, there are always a hand full of items that remain. We will ensure your wishes and instructions for disposal and donations before/after sale. We will arrange donations to a local reputable charity and “when available” we will obtain a tax donation receipt for the estate.

How can I bid or sell items on Treasure Chicks Vintage Auctions?

You may register on our secure website to enable you to bid or sell  on Treasure Chicks Vintage auctions. Only approved vendors will be able to post items for sale on the TCV auction website.

How do I buy or sell on Treasure Chicks Vintage Marketplace?

You may register on out secure website to enable you to buy or sell on the TCV marketplace. Only approved vendors will be able to post items for sale on the TCV Marketplace website.

Do you offer real estate services?

We are not licensed realtors and can not sell your real estate, however we can refer you to a realtor that can work with you to meet your needs.

Will Treasure Chicks Vintage consign my items?

Treasure Chicks Vintage does except select items for consignment. Please enquire in the SELL page.

What if I want to conduct my own estate/content sale?

Treasure Chicks Vintage does offer and recommend a full consultation for a fair market value of your contents before attempting to host your own sale.

What if I want to sell certain items on my own?

Treasure Chicks Vintage does not permit any cross posting of items by the client while an active sale or liquidation is in process.